Shoshong - a short history   

Cover of the book (click to download low resolution version).

This illustrated guide takes a look at the history of Shoshong in central Botswana, from its pre-history right through to the present day. Only 150 years ago, under the leadership of Segkoma I and his son Khama III, Shoshong was the capital of the Bangwato and the largest town for thousands of kilometres. Now a quiet and picturesque village, it is a shadow of its former self, but traces of its interesting history can still be found. With its plentiful drawings, historic maps and photographs, the book is intended for younger readers as well as adults.

A free low resolution copy of the book can be downloaded here (6.6 Mbytes), or else use the menu on the right to browse the web version.

It�s amazing. I have long been advocating the need for this sort of book about all the major settlements, hoping that one day someone would pull it off, wanting to have a first shot at it myself but never quite getting around to it. But now it�s been done and this new book deserves the loudest of all trumpet calls of welcome. Sandy Grant - review appeared in Mmegi 21st Nov 2014 - for full review see

Paperback copies (printed at high resolution, 76 full colour pages, size 188 x 254mm) are available from Exclusive bookshop (Riverwalk) and Botswanacraft in Gaborone, or else contact me to purchase direct (price BWP 100 excluding packing & postage):
Jacob Knight
May 2014

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