Kiswahili Verb Builder

first look up the word in the dictionary (eg  ) to find the root verb in Kiswahili

eg "-soma" is the root verb "to read"

program should work correctly for "-wa" (to be) and "-wa na" (to have)

Swahili root verb





answer is

Guidance on tenses eg "to play" with subject "I":

present continuous = I am playing
present indefinite = I play
future = I will play
past simple = I played
past perfect = I have (just) played
imperative (command) = play !
subjunctive (command) = play (polite) or that I may play
conditional (if) = if I play
narrative = and then I played
habitual = I am in the habit of playing (subject inferred)
conditional future = if I were to play
conditional past = if I had played
past continuous = I was playing
pluperfect = I had played


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